1. How do I remove the wiper system 53 truck

    How do the wiper Post come out of the Cab? the black pulley box under the dash for each wiper post does not seem to have a release, screw or bolt?
  2. Traveler

    62 Wagon Wiper Help

    My 62 traveler has an upgraded wiper system in it, it is made by Specialty Power Windows and is the same system as I see posted here made by EZ Wiring. Whoever installed it did it so the wipers move in the same direction, both to the left, then the right, etc. The stock system I understand had...
  3. Garth

    Vacuum wiper motor assembly

    Hi I'm looking for the cable and dash assembly, I have the nut and the motor but need everything else. If anyone has replaced with an electrical swop out perhaps you still have the parts I need? thanks Garth