1. zmattmanz

    Wiring Question - 12V Wipers and Folding Windshield

    I did a search on this, but couldn't find the answer. My DJ didn't come with any windshield wipers, I just bought the 12v kits that everyone seems to have. My question is how to wire this knowing that I want to fold down the windshield sometimes? Should we wire in a plug that I disconnect...
  2. Need wiper components for a ‘53 Wagon

    Good morning all. I've got a 53 wagon that has no wiper system in it. I'm looking for the whole system minus the vacumn motor, wiper arms and wipers. Anybody know where I can find these parts? Thanks
  3. The build starts on 57 Willys/48Ford/unknown Chevrolet bed

    As you can see from the title, i have a mutt... but i love it. I am starting to work on drivability and security and wiill maintain it during the summer with plans to do major work in the winter. So to start, the Flathead V8 works great, might go to electronic ignition to make it more...
  4. cparisf

    Willy's rookie needs help

    I purchased a 61 truck recently and need some help. I'm trying to get the old vacuum wipers working, but can't figure out what the vacuum line from the motor connects too?? Any pictures or answers is greatly appreciated!