1. greatn123

    Steering Wheel Puller

    Hello forum! Sorry...I initially posted this in the wrong section. Can someone please send me in the right direction for a steering wheel puller that actually works. I'm about to rebuild my Ross steering box on my 1960 2wd wagon, and I need to remove the steering wheel. I've tried ones from...
  2. Willy001

    BARN FIND! on eBay

    This is wagon I'm Selling on Craig's List, if anyone knows of a buyer. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/1955-willys-jeep-4x4-utility/6615184118.html Dan. r
  3. Winter Outing In The CJ

    I put this video of "Wilma's" first "long" outing together for family and friends. There was a weekend get together in a nearby town that had been devastated by fires a few years ago so we decided to go along and give our support. Despite the inclement weather Wilma and I braved the less than...
  4. Volkswagen tdi diesel engine swap?

    Has anyone ever done a small diesel engine swap. I have a 61 wagon and have been looking for a diesel engine to throw into it, any suggestions?
  5. What does this Hobart Brothers part do?

    It has a Model # of HF 2922A. The pulley is welded onto the Gear on the front. It was on a Super Hurricane 6- 226. I haven't cleaned the gunk off to get the casting #'s of the block/head yet to know what year the engine yet- More on that later.
  6. Help with building a willy's pickup

    \Questions are at the bottom/ I am a beginner when it comes to automotive builds. However, I am learning quickly and trying to piece together a future build I have planned for Feb 2018. I have chosen a willy's pickup to do a complete overhaul with. The year of the truck is yet to be determined...
  7. New plastic gas tank, or clean out the old one?

    I'm debating on buying a reproduction plastic gas tank for a 1953 Willys Pickup. The old one is gummed up pretty bad, and has a crack in the down spout where the fuel goes in. Im a metal fabricator and could fix it with some work, but is it worth it when it comes to fuel? The new ones are around...
  8. Just bought my first Willys Pickup last week.

    I picked up a 1953 Willys Pickup last week. The last owner put a 350 from a 71 Corvette in it and a turbo 400 transmission. He told me he had It all gone through and professionally set up. It needs a new gas tank, which I found for $200. The passenger side floor board is rusted out, but other...
  9. 2017 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering, Sept 10, 2017, 11-4

    Please join us for the 2017 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering being held at my home in Green, Ohio (Akron) September 10, 2017, 11 am-4 pm. Once again we will provide lunch and plenty of parking for Jeeps and Trailers! Come and enjoy talking to your fellow Jeep nuts, sit around the...
  10. 57 wagon steering help

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and have a 57 wagon I am restoring, but for the life of me I can't find any pictures or literature on how the steering gear box connects to the tie rods to turn the wheels. Could someone post a pic of their setup. I'm staying stock for now, so if you have stock...
  11. What exactly is this?

    Out on the job, reading meters, my coworker and I ran across this. We believe it is a Willys, but not sure, can anybody give us any further info? Thanks. Sorry, I'm new here. How do I attach pictures?
  12. 1954 willys wagon build.

    hello i was given a 54 wagon in relatively good condition and am building it up as my first car, i would like to put a 4.3 out of an s10 in it for cost and reliability as this will be my daily driver. i pulled out the original super hurricane and t90 to sell and pay for the new donor truck last...
  13. FleetVan

    Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together - Saturday, October 7, 2017

    Bring your Willys to the mountains of Western North Carolina for the Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together. Whether you are repairing, restoring, replacing or repainting - all types of Willys are invited. www.southeastwillysjeepgettogether.com and...
  14. leiniedude

    First, and maybe last video.

    https://youtu.be/-1-IBWUL1ds Thanks to Pete's advise I did learn how to post a video. I got an account with YouTube and uploaded this one minute clip. It took over 40 minutes to upload it, WOW. I must have done something wrong there also. Just a short clip of the Willys first snow of the year...
  15. Carb Air horn cleaner - 1950 willys pickup truck

    Looking for a air horn cleaner for a 1950 willys pickup truck 4WD Maqsood
  16. Just picked up a 46 CJ

    Hello everyone. Just picked up a 46 CJ at an estate sale. Also have 2 "extra" tubs and a pickup box trailer (early 60s Jeep pickup I think). Still trying to ID everything I have and figure out what I need to make the one rolling chassis into a running Jeep. Have one engine, ceased, but no water...
  17. hotrod28a

    Come and get it! Trying to give back to the forum, for all their help

    Seriously, I have browsed this forum for years and have learned a lot. It's pretty much a non-flame zone which is appreciated. I'm doing a frame swap and have the following available immediately. I'm not trying to make money on the parts, but I'm not adverse to a donation. 1955 Willys Wagon...
  18. Lookout Ranch

    Kaiser-Frazer: The Last Onslaught on Detroit

    I've been reading the book of the above title. It's an interesting read, covering the auto industry in the post-war era as brands like Kaiser, Willys, Studebaker, Packard, and Hudson struggled for a permanent foothold in and industry that increasingly favored economies of scale. Kaiser and...
  19. My late 40's/Early 50's Willys

    My family has a Willys - either late 40's or early 50's. It's been in the garage for over 20 years. My father left us when I was young - and he "cleverly" dismantled it right before he left. The engine and transmission had also been professionally redone right before he left. Parts and...
  20. Instrument cluster question!

    Howdy! Thanks for reading, and future advice. I was wanting to put an early bronco instrument cluster into my 61 wagon, I just wanted to inquire if everything will be able to hook up and work correctly before I waste 60 bucks!