willy's wagon

  1. jjp2697

    Tornado 6-230 Distributor Issues

    Hello all! I have been having a heck of a time trying to get my Grandpa's 230 Tornado started. Everything seems to be in decent shape for farm truck that sat 15 years. We've gotten it to pop and backfire a few times, but we cannot figure this darn Distributor out. I got the firing order of...
  2. RDZ46

    My wagon ‘56 from Argentina

    Buenas noches me llamo rodrigo y este es mi vagón del 56, mi padre lo compró cuando tenía 18 años y después de 40 años decidimos desarmarlo y restaurarlo por completo, cambiamos el color original, reemplazamos el motor con un nissan patrol, ponemos freno de disco en las 4 ruedas, reformamos los...
  3. nv3500 paired with a dana 18 ???

    what do i need to get the nv3500 on my 4.3 to pair with the dana 18 in my 54 wagon?
  4. Clutch saftey

    Has anyone installed a clutch safety switch on their Willys? I have a young daughter and the Wagon tends to attract kids and I just don't want to have to worry about a mishap.