1. Stuck Wheel Spacer

    On my front driver side tire I have a wheel spacer that is stuck onto the stock brake drum. I have tried many things to get it off but its not moving. Was wonder if there is anything i'm missing to get it off. Also ways to get the drum to not move when i put pressure on it.
  2. Unique Wheel sizing issue!

    Hi guys, I know there's been countless discussions about wheel sizes on here and I've been trying to find the answer to my question in all related threads but it's beginning to turn into my slow decent into madness! Now here's the thing, I bought a '62 Wagon recently (dream car for over a...
  3. DACW

    16 x 6 inch wheels for my wagon

    I want to run a set of 16 inch QL50 Power Kings on my wagon. These will give the look and have a 32 inch diameter. I am wondering about aftermarket wheels that will work for this. Anyone have suggestions for a 16 by 6-7 inch wheel that will fit on my shock hubs?
  4. They exist!

    Okay, I was looking to find a set of replacement tires for on my '58 Wagon. The tires on it are Co-Op grip Spurs. I searched in vain, and finally sourced them. The exact same tread design is manufactured by a company called Interco. The tire itself is called the Original Swamper. If anyone was...
  5. Wheel Colors

    Hello. I am new to the forum and the new owner of a 1953 flatbed Willys. It is Woodstock Green with white door inserts and bright yellow wheels. It looks a bit too much like a John Deere tractor. We plan to use it to advertise my son-in-law's business (Brewery) and need some help with colors...
  6. Hello from the nati

    Hello and happy new year! Just joined this board... I bought a 53 willys wagon 4 cyl 4x4 about a month ago.. It is all original except the wheels and tires. I am initially tackling the brakes and putting in seat belts to keep the Mrs happy then plan to get the original wheels cleaned up and...