1. RunThruDaJungle

    Removing the stainless trim for painting

    Does anyone have a suggestion for how to safely remove the exterior chrome trim from my '62 Traveller? The vehicle has been repainted without removing the trim. I can see bits of the original green underneath and there is some rust that I'd like to take care of. I have the door panel off and can...
  2. scramboleer

    1960-1964/5 Willys Traveller - general thread

    Hi all, A few of you - both Traveller owners and those interested in them - have asked about creating a Traveller thread, so here we go. What's the intent? Here's a start: Introduce the Traveller to those who aren't aware of them. Share marketing info and history. Share tips and tricks for...
  3. scramboleer

    Rare 2wd 1962 Willys Traveller

    This popped up on Facebook - a former State of Colorado Department of Forestry 2wd Traveller. It sold in an estate sale recently in Kansas. Hopefully the new owner finds his way over here. Other than the missing 230 OHC Tornado, it's nearly stock and in great shape. It also has a picture of the...
  4. scramboleer

    1964 Traveller for sale (not mine)

    Hi all, This 1964 Traveller body popped up on Craigslist. Looks rough and lacks a drivetrain, but does have the rear step as well as the optional second gas tank on the driver's side. I sent it over to Dave at too. Cheers, Scramboleer