1. Help with building a willy's pickup

    \Questions are at the bottom/ I am a beginner when it comes to automotive builds. However, I am learning quickly and trying to piece together a future build I have planned for Feb 2018. I have chosen a willy's pickup to do a complete overhaul with. The year of the truck is yet to be determined...
  2. How do these transmission mounts fit together?

    This photo is from my '61 Wagon with a 327 chevy ... I can't remember how these fit back in ... I didn't take a photo and the adaptor is from back in the day ... Yeah, I know I'm outta of the norm with this 327 - BUT my other '62 wagon is a stock 226 - whew :-) Anyway, the part on the bottom...
  3. Newcomer with a transmission question

    Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a 53 wagon. The previous owner installed a chevy 350 in it. It still has the original T90 transmission. Is it worth it to put a beefier transmission in? If so what would you recommend? Would putting in an overdrive be sufficient? Thanks for the help