transfer case

  1. Fab Mike

    Tranny Trouble

    I have a 1948 Wagon converted to 4 x 4 with 327 V8 SBC, dana 27 font diff, T90 tranny--Dana 18 transfer case and dana 44 rear diff. I had it start to slip and loud grinding upon acceleration. Tore it all down, replaced a couple chipped gears and worn shaft bearings and synchros in the...
  2. Transfer case gear oil 1963 pickup

    Can someone tell me what weight gear oil I need for the transfer case on my 63 truck? Thanks.
  3. 1961 Full Size Willys Firetruck

    Hello, I am René from the Netherlands. I hope you understand the crappy English i use, as i am Dutch. Me and my son Chevy have bougt a full size 1961 Willys little firetruck, wide track and 118 inch wheelbase. We like Firetrucks because they often look good, are taken care for and often...