1. 1953 pickup truck - T90/D18 rebuild options

    Hi everyone, So i finally got my pickup truck repaired done by an expert in PA. It was all fixed up to be road worthy. All was well until a few days ago I was driving down the road that was a bit rough and started to hear a strange sounds like grinding that came from underneath for a few...
  2. t90 with SBC kit what's it worth?

    Trying to get a good idea of what a T90a-1 with a SBC adapter is worth. Any help would be appreciated
  3. LostCoast101

    t90 -depressing clutch stops vehicle... in reverse only

    This weekend I rebuilt the t90 in my 62 wagon. After reassembly and installation it has an odd problem. While in reverse, pushing the clutch makes the vehicle stop violently. It's too late to do anything else tonight. I plan on pulling the top and checking the forks etc tomorrow. Hoping for...
  4. Repowering option with wanting to go back to original in future

    Ok every one I know this is going to sound just nuts and insane. I am doing a complete frame off restoration on my 56 wagon. Yes it is really a crazy thing to do since I never have even done anything major at all. As I said before it was my grandfathers. Now I wish to put the original 6-226...