super hurricane

  1. Need super hurricane to rebuild

    Hello all, Im new to the forum and looking for a Super hurricane 226 to rebuild. Would prefer one not seized as I have bought 2 already that had water in them and cracked. Even a good block will work because some of the parts from the other engines can be salvaged to make a complete one for me...
  2. NSain1

    1956 Super Hurricane 6-226 Turns over but won't start

    Hi - I have a 6-226 in a '56 Truck that I recently acquired. I installed a new battery but it still just turns over... Won't fire. Knowing it could be many things, I would appreciate any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting. Thank You.
  3. Jackalope

    Various 6-226 Parts For Sale

    When I bought my 1958 pickup, it came with a load of extra parts. After I rebuilt the engine, I no longer need the extra parts. If anyone is looking for used parts to a 6-226 engine (our even some other Willys parts), let me know and I'll see what I have. I'm located in Osage, WY. PM me about...
  4. Super Hurricane 226 Build Not Starting, Could Use Some Help

    Hey guys, its been a while. Life, school, and my Ford truck build have taken priority as of late, but the Willys was not forgotten. What I am coming to you for this time is the fact taht I tried starting the engine with a healthy battery and new gas, and nothing happened. I mean nothing as in...
  5. I am looking for a Super Hurricane

    I am looking for a complete and running 6-226 super hurricane 12V. Please let me know if you have one or any leads to one. Thanks
  6. Im looking for a L6-226 Super Hurricane

    I am looking for a complete and running 6-226 12V. If anybody has one or any leads please let me know. Thanks
  7. Willys Forever...apparently

    I have had a Willys vehicle sitting around or driving around for the last 40 years or so. My first was the Forward Control longbed with a hyd dump of which I bought a new Warn overdrive for. However I sold that truck before installing, and the buyer didn't want the overdrive?! So the Warn sat...
  8. Rebuilt L6-226

    Looking for a complete and running L6-226 12V if anybody has or knows of one available. It doesn't have to be rebuilt. Thanks
  9. Super Hurricane 226 L6

    Coming up in LATE May or early June, I will have this running 226 L6 with a video showing it was running, for sale. I know the engine needs some care so I will ask $600, I will provide in May compression values dry and wet, I will provide a video of it running on Vegas streets, I prefer you...
  10. Super Hurricane 226 L6 Clutch parts . . .

    Everyone, I was in trouble in Las Vegas, no clutch parts for my 226, but my buddy in Colo Springs, CO saved me. He found the correct disc for me from his pricvate stock and he made sure the; diameter, thickness and marcel were correct and then red label overnighted the disc to me. I was and...