steering box

  1. DryWilly

    Looking for steering box and steering column.

    Hello. Newbie here. Working on a FC-170 project. The steering box was taken apart and is missing some parts, including the steering column. Says it's a "ROSS # TL125999". Wondering if someone has one, knows where to get one? Or maybe something thats close enough I can use it? It's a...
  2. DSalas

    Ross TL12 question

    I´m thinking to rebuild the steering of my Willys SW L6-226 1956. It´s a Ross TL12 and has a play of approx 3 inches in the steering wheel that make me feel unsafe. Tie rods ends and arms are OK, the play are inside the steering box and turning more their adjusting screw just get to lock the...
  3. 1963 Wagon Steering parts, mission impossible

    Hi there, thanks in advance for any advice you can provide I have a 1963 Mavrick wagon, 4x4 on the original chassis V8 GM small block installed by another owner VIN 15417810521 I'm in need of a rebuild or replacement for the steering box, pit-man, & drag link. I have called around to the big...