1. KYJoe

    Speedometer gauge needle 48 Pickup Truck

    Would be great to have an original needle for my speedometer; would settle for a reproduction if you all know a source, let me know.
  2. speedo cable question

    I have a 1954 wagon. I noticed that the speedo cable is disconnected. does anyone know where the pickup point is ? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. Its an 226 super hurricane engine.
  3. DIY Speedometer Repair

    Any suggestions on what is wrong with my speedometer(s) ... I would prefer to fix rather than buy or rebuild ... I have 1 in my wagon and another 1 recently purchased ... I have a new cable ... They both act the same way ... When I connect the cable to a drill and run in reverse ... the...
  4. PhxJim

    Left overs

    Most of these can be had for the cost of shipping and handling. If they work out for you add the cost of lunch out. You decide if I eat at McDonnalds or Red Robin etc.:) sale 25 by SSRJim, on Flickr sale 24 by SSRJim, on Flickr sale 23 by SSRJim, on Flickr sale 22 by SSRJim, on Flickr...