1. WillysAZ

    New here, need new speedometer module for 1963 Willys CJ5

    Hi there, I'm new and this is my first post, not sure how to navigate. Need a few things for my 1963 Willys CJ5 Jeep - first thing is a rebuilt speedometer module - current one: only the speedometer works, other gauges don't, and paint flaking off inside it. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to...
  2. speedo cable question

    I have a 1954 wagon. I noticed that the speedo cable is disconnected. does anyone know where the pickup point is ? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. Its an 226 super hurricane engine.
  3. DIY Speedometer Repair

    Any suggestions on what is wrong with my speedometer(s) ... I would prefer to fix rather than buy or rebuild ... I have 1 in my wagon and another 1 recently purchased ... I have a new cable ... They both act the same way ... When I connect the cable to a drill and run in reverse ... the...