1. 1959 wagon seats. $300

    Front seats for a 1959 Jeep Willys Wagon. These are all original. Both seats fold forward. The passenger side seat whole frame and seat hinge forward to make getting in the back easy. The vinyl is in amazing condition. The are a couple small cracks in the vinyl, see last picture.
  2. How are seats supposed to attach?

    Just came home with a V-35/U where one of the previous owners have installed some (comfy!) rubber seats. But there's this terrible squeak whenever my weight shifts and I've discovered it to be a rear support rubbing/sliding on the gas tank. Internet photos of replacement seat frames seem to...
  3. Original seats

    After a few searches, I'm not finding much on seat replacements on restored trucks. Someone has tossed the seat in my '51 and I'd like to have an original. Where can I find one or a pattern or after market? :confused: