1. ADKmountainman

    Rehab, renovation, restoration & rebuild vendors

    It would be great to have a list of folks who are professional rebuilders, specializing in Willys. If you are one, or know one, please post them here. Business Name Specialty Geographic location Contact info phone e-mail website
  2. Garth

    The Joburg Traveler

    I think my evaluation of the Willys Traveller is complete. I've had some time off so I spent that time going through the history of Willys and all the characters involved. I have to say that is a great story within itself and I literally spent three days just investigating what these guys were...
  3. zobie

    1952 willys pickup rebuild

    well I finally started my tear down / rebuild over the weekend. a little history on the truck the Original owner bought the truck to go fishing and a little hunting in. it was last registered in 1987 and was sold to the guy that I bought it from and has been parked under a tarp since he bought...