1. Pulled From the Woods 1962 Willys CJ5

    Hello everyone, Im new to the forum and jeeps for that matter. This CJ5 is slowly grabbing my heart. It was out in the wood for many many many years. I got it running there and drove it out. The project is going to be a rolling project. getting to the jeep as time, finding parts and money...
  2. ADKmountainman

    Rehab, renovation, restoration & rebuild vendors

    It would be great to have a list of folks who are professional rebuilders, specializing in Willys. If you are one, or know one, please post them here. Business Name Specialty Geographic location Contact info phone e-mail website
  3. Garth

    The Joburg Traveler

    I think my evaluation of the Willys Traveller is complete. I've had some time off so I spent that time going through the history of Willys and all the characters involved. I have to say that is a great story within itself and I literally spent three days just investigating what these guys were...
  4. zobie

    1952 willys pickup rebuild

    well I finally started my tear down / rebuild over the weekend. a little history on the truck the Original owner bought the truck to go fishing and a little hunting in. it was last registered in 1987 and was sold to the guy that I bought it from and has been parked under a tarp since he bought...