rebuild start

  1. AZ Adventure Wagon 1956

    Started this project to fill space between deployments and to have a cool adventure-mobile for the high deserts of AZ. I have never worked on a Willys before so this has been a learning experience . So far I have replaced the wiring harness, rear leafs, timing chain, fuel pump, electronic...
  2. Garth

    The Joburg Traveler

    I think my evaluation of the Willys Traveller is complete. I've had some time off so I spent that time going through the history of Willys and all the characters involved. I have to say that is a great story within itself and I literally spent three days just investigating what these guys were...
  3. Newcomer

    Hi all! My name is Todd, and live in South Georgia. I have two jeep wagons, though technically one is at my father-in-law's home in Florida. I have plans to restore both, or at least evaluate my options, and make it a project for me and my 13 year old son who is already talking of driving. I...