1. Bob3B

    CJ2A #23881

    Picked this up over the weekend, #23881, ACA numbers all match and it's 90% there. Engine is locked up, tranny is locked up, xfer case is locked up. The tranny has been converted to cane shift but the column parts are still there. I'm steam cleaning it next weekend, then start the tear down...
  2. Bozothejeep

    Jeep has been sitting over 20 yearsThis

    I just picked up a 1947 jeep that has been modified and has a v-8. I am not sure exactly the engine I have. My boys and I are going to work on it and thought I better get some advice before we start. After reading, my plan so far was to replace all fluids, all rubber, plugs, battery and then...
  3. Wagon in danger, need some advice

    Well, the project has been slow going, as I expected. Only recently, my father and I have turned our attention to an older Ford truck for me to use in college. My mother, in order to keep the truck, says we must sell our Wagon. I do not want to, but I don't know of any ways that we can keep 2...