pickup disc brakes.

  1. Destabilized1887

    8 lug disc conversion

    Hi all, I have a 1956 pickup V8 swapped with the stock front axle and the timken rear. The problem is the hubs are 8 lug not 5, all the disk conversions online are for 5, does anyone know of a kit or a disk that would fit with the kits on kaiser willys. Or would I have better luck getting new...
  2. Hello, New Member Here

    Hi, I have a 1957 Willys pickup and am looking for a good way to upgrade to front disc brakes. I know I have seen a post so I will be looking for it again. It has been many years since I owned a Willys and have not done much to them so I will probably be picking eveyones brains as thios goes...