paint colors

  1. Mighunter210

    1961 Redwood Poly Paint color?

    Hey everyone, Looking at paint options for my 1961 utility wagon. I want to go 2 tone on it but don't like any of the factory offerings that year. Still looking to keep the color choices picked from 1961 availability. Does anyone have photos of the Redwood Poly paint color offered in 1961...
  2. Paint quantities question!

    Hey everyone, quick question. I am considering the whole " bed lined" paint scheme for the Willys wagon. I'm going to bed line the whole outside tan but not sure how many gallons it would take. Now I would only be doing about 2 coats. I understand this might be vague, but does anyone have a...
  3. Wheel Colors

    Hello. I am new to the forum and the new owner of a 1953 flatbed Willys. It is Woodstock Green with white door inserts and bright yellow wheels. It looks a bit too much like a John Deere tractor. We plan to use it to advertise my son-in-law's business (Brewery) and need some help with colors...