1. Shad4130

    Thermostat housing w/ a temp sensor?

    After a great summer of enjoying my 51 wagon I had it over heat on me the other day heading to the post office. Not sure of the exact cause of the overheating issue but I decided I needed to throw a temp gauge in the rig since I’ve been running it without one. Where the temp sensor would...
  2. randyb

    1956 pickup 226 hurricane overheating

    Just finished project on 1956 willys pickup with a 226 hurricane motor in it. The old temperature gauge that was in it showed that it was getting hot within 2 miles. Worried to damage anything on new rebuild, (rebuild on everything other than motor, did nothing to this other than paint) I...
  3. FlyinSOB

    3A overheating problem

    I have a 51 3A that is mostly stock. It has a rebuilt L-134, a new radiator from Walcks, new hoses, and a new thermostat that looks to be working. I can drive all day at 35 mph or below, but when I try to drive 40 - 45, the temp starts to rise. When I shut down hot, it blows coolant out the...