1. randyb

    1956 pickup 226 hurricane overheating

    Just finished project on 1956 willys pickup with a 226 hurricane motor in it. The old temperature gauge that was in it showed that it was getting hot within 2 miles. Worried to damage anything on new rebuild, (rebuild on everything other than motor, did nothing to this other than paint) I...
  2. FlyinSOB

    3A overheating problem

    I have a 51 3A that is mostly stock. It has a rebuilt L-134, a new radiator from Walcks, new hoses, and a new thermostat that looks to be working. I can drive all day at 35 mph or below, but when I try to drive 40 - 45, the temp starts to rise. When I shut down hot, it blows coolant out the...