1. Avis

    CJ-2A Wheeling !

    Did some wheeling in northern AZ earlier this week... Had a blast. Even did a little wheeling to get there... lol
  2. bumper question

    First off, I would like to thank everyone for there help these last couple of weeks! I fixed a lot of things on the wagon thanks to all the good members on the forum! I'd like to attach an off road bumper on the from of the wagon. Ive seen these bumpers on other jeeps and off road rigs. My...
  3. Help with tire selection!

    Soooo after long debate I've decided to take my 16inch rims off and replace with 15inch rims. Im not a fan of the NDT tires and need something with a little more aggressive tread pattern. Im planning on taking the old wagon on the beach this summer. The 15inch rims have old tires on them and are...
  4. Off road tire help!

    When I purchased my wagon it had 2 sets of wheels. 15'inch and 16'inch. The 16 inch wheels came with military tires. I would like to use offroad tires but the only problem I have is the tire size. The military tires read (7.00 16) what would this equate to in convensional tire size such as...