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  1. Dutch

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Hi All, My son just bought his first car, He found and bought a 1966 Geser type 53 4x4 , with a Jeep Tornado 230 motor and probably the Chassis of a Jeep aero. Geser is a body work company that produced around 30 of these trucks for the Swiss fire departments. The body is Aluminum and the...
  2. 2centwurf

    Looking for answers on a '59 Maverick. Good listener/reader.

    Probably screwing this up, but new to the forum as of an hour ago. I have a 59 Maverick Wagon (just bought last week) which is a 2W drive, no engine or trans but it is otherwise complete and in very nice shape minus the middle of the rear bumper. Plans are to make a daily driver, highway...
  3. New to Forum

    I have a 53 CJ3 that my Dad rescued from a Blackberry patch in Montana. He brought it back to life but then just used it during Elk season. Later, I bought it from my Dad's estate after he had an unfortunate mishap with a drunk driver. Sooo when I got it the fuel tank was rusted and it kept...
  4. Garth

    New member out of johannesburg South Africa

    Hi everyone just thought I'd introduce myself, name is Garth and I am rebuilding a 54 sedan utility right hand drive. The engine was rebuilt by a former owner and the 226 super Hurricane seems good. We are going to recondition everything else, front axle, gear box, brakes, transfer, rear axle...
  5. New member with 5 speed conversion

    My Willys are even older than your old Willys. I have 1938 & 1939 sedans. I regularly read Willys forums, and I found reference to 5 speed conversions. I needed t5 conversions for my cars, so I had a certified OEM differential and transmission component manufacturer design and make my...
  6. Russell from Sask.

    Hi I'm Russell I've been into old Willys since childhood riding in my Great grandfather's CJ2a. I now own my own 46 CJ2a and a 53 truck frame with a extended bug body on it. My dream is to own a FC150 and find the proper body for my truck.