new guy

  1. Lordparcival

    Hub Removal disaster: time to get creative

    I just got a 60 Willys cab Chassis truck that I'm fixing up and I was working on removing the rear drums(dana 53) as they are predictably all locked up. in the process of removing the wheels I made a stupid newbie mistake and didn't realize they were Left handed threads. two of them were...
  2. scottragee

    Gifted late 40's CJ-2A

    I am Scott Agee of Davis, California. My father used to own a cattle ranch with two other partners in eastern Oregon for 30 years. In 1995 they sold it, and his CJ-2A, which had been his ranch/hunting jeep for 30 years, stayed with the property and new owners. A year and a half ago I looked...
  3. Hello

    I'm a engineering student in college. I recently inherited my grandfather’s Willys Jeep. My grandfather passed away when my dad was in college and left his Willys to my uncle who never fixed its engine. I believe the Willys is a CJ3A hardtop, but I don't have any pictures currently to confirm...
  4. kscolt45

    1952 Willys Truck, Roller

    Alright, first off thanks for the add to the forum, glad to see a message board website with actives and lots of very relevant topics! And gratitude is owed to facebook group "Willys Trucks" and member @TinkerToyII for suggesting the forum. I purchased a Willys truck off of Facebook market...
  5. New guy with a ‘62 pickup

    Hey new guy here. I have ‘62 pickup that runs with issues. Working on new radiator and water pump now. Gonna move on to brakes after that. Then dive into electrical. Should be a fun journey. Glad to be on the forum and share info.
  6. 1bgwlly

    The New Guy

    Whats up guys and gals, Im John. My father purchase a 1962 willys wagon back in the 70s and ran it through most of his life. Unfortunately, in 97' a truck full of split wood backed into it and did some pretty good damage. After sitting for a few years, we decided to give it a remodel. We redid...