1. stardog

    Jeeping is my thing. Love Jeeps of all eras.

    Hi, Thanks for accepting me into the forum. I am glad to be here! My vehicle is a 1964 Jeep Kaiser CJ5 Serial Number 8305 178509. It is unfortunately a part out though... Please see: 1964 Jeep Kaiser CJ5 Part Out List In my opinion parting out is shameful and should only be a very last...
  2. Lookout Ranch

    Kaiser-Frazer: The Last Onslaught on Detroit

    I've been reading the book of the above title. It's an interesting read, covering the auto industry in the post-war era as brands like Kaiser, Willys, Studebaker, Packard, and Hudson struggled for a permanent foothold in and industry that increasingly favored economies of scale. Kaiser and...