1. Jackalope

    Casually Looking for a Jeepster

    I am casually looking for a Jeepster. I know they are not easy to come by, but I am looking for something that both me and my wife can enjoy (and they're just so cool!). I currently have a '58 pickup with a rebuilt 6-226. It is still pretty rough around the edges, but awesome and runs great...
  2. Jeepster parts and frame, body and a box of miscellaneous connectors, pedals, etc.

    A box of nuts bolts, some britework, drive shaft, steering wheel, etc included $1150 takes everything. I can provide more pictures upon request.
  3. 48jeepster

    Flat Towing a Jeepster?

    Wondering if I can flat tow my jeepster with a tow dolly? Before the 4x4 folks reply, remember this is a 2wd T-96 3spd trans. Thoughts guys? Has anyone actually done it that can speak from experience? Thank you all.
  4. JeepCreep

    Which Oil Filter do I need?

    Please watch my video link above. I have ordered both the civilian oil filter for the L134 and the Military version and the gasket for the lid of the canister does not fit. Military is too big and civilian is too small. What filter canister gasket do I need for a 1949 Jeepster with an L134 flat...
  5. VJ3 Jeepster ID Plate

    I am beginning to work on my Jeepster... again. This time with a goal to get her on the road this year just in time for her 70th birthday. I have owned her for 48 years, bringing her home when I was 15 and she was 21. (But very original and tired.) I am converting the original Planar drum...
  6. fuse box

    Hello, I just picked up a 1967 jeepster. There is an electrical short somewhere, so I figured I'd start by looking at fuses and the fuse box. Well I can't seem to find one. I'm wondering if the previous own ripped it out? Or is jeep did individual fuses, which I do see a few. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. 1949 Willys Overland Jeepster for sale

    1949 Willys Overland Soft top Jeepster for sale by owner. I bought this '49 Willys from a friend who needed to sell due to financial hardship and I recently towed it from Arizona to a Chicago suburb. It needs some interior and exterior work. New battery installed about a month ago. It is a...
  8. wparry

    Original Engine Color along with other things

    I have 1950 Willys Jeepster and have had the engine rebuilt. What would be a period correct color for the engine? Also looking for the front bumperettes and crossbar along with airfilter assembly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill
  9. locating parts for a 1948 Jeepster with an F Head 134 Engine

    Hello all, I'm starting on a rehab of a decent 1948 Jeepster. I believe at some point someone changed the engine because based on the SN the Jeepster is a 1948, Titled as a 1949 and has an F Head 134 engine which from what I've read wasnt available til 1950. i know it sounds like a Johnny Cash...
  10. scramboleer

    Willys six cylinder questions - 148 versus 161 versus ?

    Hi all, These questions come from my Dad who is selling his 1942 Willys MB next month and getting a 1948 - 1951 Jeepster with overdrive. He just wants something to cruise around town in, although he recently met a few Jeepster owners who were part of that recent Jeepster caravan across the USA...
  11. wrb36usa

    Right Hand Convertible Top Latch for 49 to 50 Jeepster

    Anybody have a Right Hand Convertible Top Latch for 49 to 50 Jeepster or know where I can buy one. You can contact me at: Thanks Bill