1. Have extra front grill, hood, doors, upper tailgate, need tailgate. Wanna swap?

    The hood, grill and upper tailgate door for my 57 Wagon are in excellent shape. The doors have a little rust about where you'd expect them to. I need a tailgate. Let me know what you've got. Or if anybody has drawings for fabrication of tailgate, I could go for that also!
  2. yellowoctupus

    Front end mounting and cracks

    For those not familiar with my rig, it's a '55 wagon mounted on a 2001 Dodge Ram chassis. I originally had a 'flip forward' front clip, which I am converting back to more of a traditional front end. (The full-front-clip-flip was basically the only thing that was carried over from the first guy...
  3. 47-49 Pickup Hood

    Hello im looking for the Hood of a Pickup 49, so the 47-49 hoods would fit. Or if you dont have the complete hood the frames of the hoods could work! If your brave enought to do international shippments be kind to send me a email: giovannijaimez@gmail.com I'm having a nightmare trying to...