1. I still need help with my 6 226 engine.

    I had multiple threads before trying to get my 6 226 running. It has a fresh rebuild but only getting 100 psi compression. I also did a leakdown test that got above 100 but couldn't get too accurate as it kept pushing the cylinder down. But from what I could tell it lost at most 3 psi. Last...
  2. Lordparcival

    Hub Removal disaster: time to get creative

    I just got a 60 Willys cab Chassis truck that I'm fixing up and I was working on removing the rear drums(dana 53) as they are predictably all locked up. in the process of removing the wheels I made a stupid newbie mistake and didn't realize they were Left handed threads. two of them were...
  3. Generator nut - What is it?

    My project is a 1958 pick up. I want to service the generator but cant figure out this nut. Do I need a special tool?
  4. Fuel pump help

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I recently started rebuilding my grandpa's old '66 willys. It's the tuxedo park edition with a v6. I haven't had much issue in fins parts with the exception of the fuel pump. I can't seem to find a replacement. All of the autopart stores in my area have a...