heater box

  1. Installed Heater Box Photos Requested

    I bought an under dash heater box like this one. If you have one—Looking for photos of where you placed it. Thanks in advance
  2. Jackalope

    Where did this heater come from?

    When I bought my pickup, I got a TON of parts along with it as the seller used to rebuild Jeeps and was getting out of it. One of my cool parts is a Willys Overland heater core. I'm looking to sell this and was wondering which vehicle it would have come from or any history. :confused: Ever seen...
  3. Cardboard Heater Box Replacement

    '62 Wagon Where can I get a cardboard heater box? It is square horizontal shape. It connects on the right to the fan, and the left side blows on the floor. I have the top mounted plastic defrost piece and the cable connections. Any ideas on finding or making one? ... The rats ruined...