fuel system

  1. jnagel

    Tornado 230 fuel/vacuum pump connection

    I had my fuel/vacuum pump rebuilt a few months ago (Athur Gould) and was surprised when it didn't easily fit back in to the engine. I read in the "Jeep Tornado 230" service manual that "if interference exists, remove the fuel pump and reposition it so that the fuel pump arm is under the end of...
  2. KYJoe

    Help - Fuel Seep From Rebuilt W0 Carb

    I'm assuming this is due to excess fuel pressure somewhere but I can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated. This W0 was rebuilt by Joe Jennings earlier this year and has less than 50 miles on it. The fuel pump is new late last year. I drove the truck a little over two weeks ago; popped the...
  3. KYJoe

    Hoof Governor explanation

    Can anyone provide a good explanation of the Hoof Governor on my 1948 truck? What does it do? Do I need it? Does it restrict power? Here are the details I read on it today: Hoof Governor NO 647102 RANGE 3700 MODEL S10-12 Product of Chicago Thanks, Joe
  4. Fuel pump help

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I recently started rebuilding my grandpa's old '66 willys. It's the tuxedo park edition with a v6. I haven't had much issue in fins parts with the exception of the fuel pump. I can't seem to find a replacement. All of the autopart stores in my area have a...
  5. Carburator Upgrades

    Hello my friends- I have been trying to get a Mastercraft carburetor and manifold adaptor from a guy who goes by Gronk, in Colorado Springs, who advertises on eBay. He claims to have done "thousands" of these carburetor upgrades, with great success. Says he used to do Weber upgrades, and got...