1. Willys Truck Rolling Chassis

    For Sale South West Michigan I no longer need this roller minus the body. From a 49 truck I believe Frame is in great shape Rear axle Front axle 6 cylinder engine Transmission Transfer case Differential Plus more
  2. Jeepster parts and frame, body and a box of miscellaneous connectors, pedals, etc.

    A box of nuts bolts, some britework, drive shaft, steering wheel, etc included $1150 takes everything. I can provide more pictures upon request.
  3. FREE 57 wagon frame.

    Need to get rid of this 1957 wagon frame with axles. Great condition. ..come pick up for free. I rather give it away than scrap it...located in Mansfield ohio. You must come pick up... 4195648668...text
  4. Misc items for sale...

    Ok guys i have a few items I need to get rid of... 1957 wagon frame with axles...500.00 226 super hurricane 12volt engine..does spin...150.00 Rebuilt t90 out out shaft...125.00 Shifter...25.00 Bare 226 block...not sure if cracked or good....75.00 Transfer case and bell...
  5. lairdlow

    WTB Willys 6 Cyl 4WD Truck Frame

    Looking for a solid Willys 6 cylinder truck frame, ideally in the New England area though I might consider having it shipped if it's really nice. Need a solid one (I already have a couple rough ones that need a lot of repair). Don't mind if a gusset needs replacing, but not interested if the...
  6. 1957 Truck Frame up - Pirate Willy’s Build

    Time to leave the intro page and start a thread with my truck build. My intentions, at least right now, are to restore to original. But my eyes keep wandering to some of the modified masterpieces here on this forum and I cant help but dream that I’d like MY truck to look like that! But I’m a...
  7. Truck Bed

    Hey All. Trying to figure out another option for the truck bed. Does anyone have experience with a 1940s Chevy pickup box in lieu of the Willys? From what I have seen the Chevy kits are much cheaper than the Willys and I believe the dimensions are very close. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
  8. hotrod28a

    Come and get it! Trying to give back to the forum, for all their help

    Seriously, I have browsed this forum for years and have learned a lot. It's pretty much a non-flame zone which is appreciated. I'm doing a frame swap and have the following available immediately. I'm not trying to make money on the parts, but I'm not adverse to a donation. 1955 Willys Wagon...
  9. frame mystery??

    While fixing my exhaust the other day I noticed a very odd part on the frame off my wagon. There is a 3 inch tube with a long hinge on the frame. the tube connects to the frame on both sides like some sort of brace right after the transmission and the large hinge is under the drivers side. Could...
  10. Frame Qustions

    Hi, I have a 49 truck that has some frame rot along with a cross member that is rotten out at the same place the frame is. How hard is it to find or make a new cross member? And how hard is it going to be to fix the frame rot through?
  11. Frame Welding advice

    Hello, The front part of the frame in my 48 PU is heavy damage, when we started to rebuild the truck i notice it was going to be a problem. So we "temporarily" sold the radiator suports and the grille suport to what was left from the cross member. Alot of months passed and i was able...
  12. To weld or not to weld?

    I was thinking of welding the crossmembers to frame rails. Is this a good idea or not?
  13. 1961 Pickup sees the light of day.

    I recently joined after buying this 61 that was stuffed in a garage. I plan to do a restore to make it a decent driveable truck. Not a show queen. It's a Hurricane 226 that just got running yesterday. Relatively quiet, but running on 5 cylinders with a few having low compession. Rebuilt the...
  14. Early Wagon/Truck Frame Part

    Hello guys, Im rebuilding the frame of my 1949 truck, the crossmember that suport the radiator and grill is heavy rusted, the steel has almost gone, so i wonder if anyone know where i can find a this part. I know i can made a new but i wanted to have it as original as posible. Here are some...
  15. Willys pickup on S10 frame

    Hi there I'm new to this site and I call British Columbia, Canada my home. This site appears to have some knowable members and helful info. I recently obtained a 1952 Willys pickup 4wd drive. I have also purchased a 1991 Chevy S10 4x4 ext cab 5 speed pickup and am looking at the possibility of...