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  1. Good Looking 1958 FC150 For Sale on eBay!

    Just saw this pup for sale on eBay, looks pretty cherry, thought I would share. Looks like the guy did a working dump bed conversion... Nice
  2. Inherited Willys owner in need of help

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping to get some help. My wife inherited a 1963 Jeep Willys from her father last year. We'd love to keep this but we've already got 4 other vehicles in the family and move every few years (military). I've had a difficult time finding a value for the truck and hoping to get...
  3. ndnile

    1951 Willys Truck

    Not mine and no connection to the seller. $2K in San Francisco area. Looks like a good deal to this novice. Cheers, Doug
  4. Selling 1951 Wagon model 451 FA1 modified $1,000 OBO

    This has been in the family since mid 1960s. Yes, it is in pathetic shape. It underwent a hack job to make into a pickup. Still has some decent body panels. Last ran ~2006 after getting new (non-stock) wiring, rebuilt knuckles/wipers, a Chevy 305 V8, and a bell housing adapter. Still has...
  5. FleetVan

    Two Fleetvans For Sale on Craigslist - As of 6/8/2017

    Here's a 1961 FJ3 in Raleigh that's restored near original for $30K: And a 1963 in Phoenix that originally sold for $100K at a Barrett-Jackson charity auction that's been heavily modified for $36K...
  6. 1965 FC150 for sale

    Replacement frame was rust free. Sand blasted, reinforced and primed and painted. Cleaned painted both the rear end and the front axles; All new bearings, hubs, gaskets, seals, brakes shoes, and drums along with major steering components. All new, top of the line. Frame is now a "Roller". All...
  7. zobie

    1955 willys a friend has for sale

    hi all sorry this is not in the classified section a friend of mine has this 1955 willys pickup for sale that he wants to sell to fund another project. it has a 226 6 cyl in it but I believe it has a cracked head but he has a spare 226 motor for it. very little rust if any. like I said it is...
  8. Willys59

    '56 Wagon

    What every Willys lover needs! Another project. I got this for parts but My stock '59 is shining like new and i don't need em. $500 + ride. Located 25 miles N. of Idaho Falls. '56 Willys wagon, stock w/6cyl hurricane doesn't run, mostly compleat missing some small parts like wiper...