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    Two Fleetvans For Sale on Craigslist - As of 6/8/2017

    Here's a 1961 FJ3 in Raleigh that's restored near original for $30K: https://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/6163400132.html And a 1963 in Phoenix that originally sold for $100K at a Barrett-Jackson charity auction that's been heavily modified for $36K...
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    The 7 Rarest Jeeps Ever Produced

    Ran across this fun link about rare Jeeps (the Fleetvan is #4)... http://www.jk-forum.com/how-tos/slideshows/the-7-rare-jeeps-ever-produced-444539#1-jeep-cj-6 Others on the rare list include: CJ-6, CJ-10, Dispatcher (DJ), FC, Jeepster Commando, and M715. If you look in the lower right hand...
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    What's the perfect horn for a fleetvan?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a great sounding horn for my fleetvan. IMO it should be fun and cute, maybe road-runner-ish "nee-beep"? Any suggestions?
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    Factory Pictures

    A few pictures of Willys-Jeep Fleetvans at the Toledo factory.
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    Postal Operations - Flyer

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    Installers - Flyer

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    Construction Methods - Flyer

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    All New Jeep Fleetvan - Flyer

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    1963 Willys-Jeep Fleetvan Owner

    Hi everyone. I own a 1963 fleetvan that we bought three years ago in Michigan. It's been at a North Carolina resto shop since. They were taking forever, botched the work they did perform, and are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy so in September we rescued it back. We contacted FantomWorks...