1. randyb

    1956 pickup 226 hurricane overheating

    Just finished project on 1956 willys pickup with a 226 hurricane motor in it. The old temperature gauge that was in it showed that it was getting hot within 2 miles. Worried to damage anything on new rebuild, (rebuild on everything other than motor, did nothing to this other than paint) I...
  2. Ford flathead V8 to T-90 adapter?

    I'm new here but would like to ask, does anyone know of or have an adapter for a Ford flathead V8 to a T-90 Jeep tranny? Offenhauser #5825 use to work! Thanks.
  3. Lightning L148 engine info needed

    Hi all, I'm building a Lightning flathead 6 L148, casting number is 645362-3, and serial number is S20656. I believe these engines were only used in the Jeepster. Does anyone know the year it was built, engine color, and if it had an oil filter? Thank you.