1. Keeping it in the family: Restoring Grandpa's 54' CJ3B

    Hello everyone, I'm Grayson and hail from the small town of Collettsville, North Carolina. I'm currently completing vet school at NC State University in Raleigh. I was inspired by a retired faculty member to restore an old SUV after he let me take his old Toyota Land Cruiser for a spin. I...
  2. Bmart

    Rebuilt 4-134 engine

    I'm new to OWF and am working on a 1963 CJ5. I'm looking for a rebuilt 4-134 engine or someone who rebuilds them. Does anyone know of any engine shops that do this work? Thanks for your help.
  3. F4-134 Hurricane Value?

    Hello! I have a '53 Willys project that was just sitting while I was in college and unfortunately I had to part it out to help pay for books and such. I still have the engine, which is an F4-134 Hurricane inline 4cyl, but I have absolutely no idea what the value of it is, in case I decide to...
  4. Specifications for F4-134 Engine

    Does anyone know where I can find all of the rebuilding specs for a 1951 F4-134 engine? I've come across later specs from the sixties but nothing for the old fifty one. My engine is off to Tatom Custom Engines but he can't start until he gets the proper info.
  5. 1951 Engine Search

    I have been actively searching for an original engine for the 1951 Truck. I was under the impression that the engine was a L 134 Go Devil. Now I'm told that it may have been a F4-134 Hurricane which was an option. Is there any way of knowing? What are the odds that it was one or the other?