1. 1953 F 143 Pickup with Lots of Mouse in the House Odor.

    Fresh out of the barn. Brought this project home last weekend. Replaced some glass and door latch to make it tight until I find time to check start. Got a shot of the backside which makes me smile! Also note the 2021 Gladiator I dragged it home with.
  2. KYJoe

    Hoof Governor explanation

    Can anyone provide a good explanation of the Hoof Governor on my 1948 truck? What does it do? Do I need it? Does it restrict power? Here are the details I read on it today: Hoof Governor NO 647102 RANGE 3700 MODEL S10-12 Product of Chicago Thanks, Joe
  3. Plugs fouling F134

    Plugs fouled badly in 20 minutes. It ain't fuel since I have become expert with the Carter YF carburetor. Compression is weak but still feel it shouldn't foul up so fast. I'm on the track of oil getting into the cylinders because the residue on the plugs is heavy, black and not too wet. Any...
  4. zobie

    F134 motor rebuild

    so I have my truck stripped down to the frame and getting ready to inspect and rebuild all of the boxes and the F134 engine. Before I take the engine to someone to rebuild I would like to hear from those a lot more knowledgeable than me on here as to what a reasonable cost to rebuild this is? I...