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  1. Jadinsmore1

    CJ3A 6 Volt Starting Help

    Greetings! So for the past year I’ve been working on my 3a to turn it into a vintage wheeler. It ran a year ago on a 12v battery but that fried my old starter. I’m positive the vehicle is 6v because it has a generator, are there any other indications that would prove it’s a 6v Jeep? Since...
  2. Jadinsmore1

    '51 CJ3A electrical Issues

    Hello! This is my very first post and it is about my very first Jeep, a 1951 3a. I’m going to try and explain what is going on as best as I can through the sequence of events I’ve experienced. Quick background,134 Go Devil Engine, still 6v. Was converted to a solenoid start a la 3B instead of...