disc brakes

  1. Destabilized1887

    8 lug disc conversion

    Hi all, I have a 1956 pickup V8 swapped with the stock front axle and the timken rear. The problem is the hubs are 8 lug not 5, all the disk conversions online are for 5, does anyone know of a kit or a disk that would fit with the kits on kaiser willys. Or would I have better luck getting new...
  2. New 51 Willys PU Owner

    I just purchase a 51 Willys PU that is all origin it is a driver not show truck. I want to keep it as original as possible unfortunately i am 6'1 and 250, I need to change the seating and I am looking for bucket seat sugestions. My second question is regarding disc brake conversion I will only...
  3. 1948 2WD truck modernization

    1948 2WD truck, Mustang II front end w/rack and pinion and PDB, hanging brake pedal, Chevrolet V8, TH350 transmission, Ford trac loc 9", larger fuel tank, I've been working on this truck for a customer for the last few months. We are not going to do any paintwork on the exterior right now...