1. oblvnnwtnjhn

    Perkins 4.203

    Any of you that have spent any time reading my post know I love and appreciate all things oddball and one off. Who here has a factory Perkins 4.192? I have a lead on a complete 4.203 for a good price, I would like to have it for a future project, unsure how to address engine to transmission...
  2. ndnile

    Get That New CJ5 Feeling Again

    Not street legal, but interesting. I wonder if the 62.5 BHP Diesel is a straight bolt-in. http://www.fourwheeler.com/news/1802-first-look-mahindra-roxor-off-highway-vehicle/ Cheers, Doug
  3. Volkswagen tdi diesel engine swap?

    Has anyone ever done a small diesel engine swap. I have a 61 wagon and have been looking for a diesel engine to throw into it, any suggestions?
  4. FC Crew Cab For Sale

    I was recently lucky enough to acquire my second M677 four-door FC170. It only took 18 years for me to find one complete with the original diesel engine. The first truck only took me a decade to acquire, but was less than complete. I have been proud to own this basket case, but one is all I...
  5. 1963 Kubota Turbo Diesel Pickup Build

    So we've embarked on our second Willys Kubota Turbo Diesel conversion/restoration. The first was a 1947 CJ2a which we built two years ago using an Overland Diesel conversion kit to install a 2 liter diesel motor. Runs like a charm and with the overdrive will do 55 MPH easy without losing much...