dana 44

  1. Front axle locking hubs

    Hey guys, looking to get some info on locking hubs for the 170. Hopefully the pictures attached properly to this message. The one I have came with 2 different hubs. Passenger side has this really cool International hub identified as M154. Very little info online, but at least there is...
  2. Dana 44 front end in Wagon

    Anyone know what donor would be best for a Dana 44 swap into a 1963 Wagon? My wagon currently has the stock Dana 25.
  3. h34gunner

    Dana 44 in a pickup

    This is a continuation of an earlier thread... I had asked if a Dana 44 would fit in a pickup.... well, I just had to try and I think it's quite acceptable. I've been driving it for almost a month without any problems. 1. The drive shaft fit perfectly. 2. The hubs aren't the same ... so I...
  4. h34gunner

    Removing Timken rear axle for a Dana 44 from wagon.

    My 1951 Willys pickup has a very rough Timken rear axle and I'm buying a Dana 44 from a wagon to install... I know the hubs will be different... but I have new drums, shoes, cylinders, backing plates, etc already on my Timken axle... I think these are all the same... what do I need to change on...