dana 44

  1. Dana 44 front end in Wagon

    Anyone know what donor would be best for a Dana 44 swap into a 1963 Wagon? My wagon currently has the stock Dana 25.
  2. h34gunner

    Dana 44 in a pickup

    This is a continuation of an earlier thread... I had asked if a Dana 44 would fit in a pickup.... well, I just had to try and I think it's quite acceptable. I've been driving it for almost a month without any problems. 1. The drive shaft fit perfectly. 2. The hubs aren't the same ... so I...
  3. h34gunner

    Removing Timken rear axle for a Dana 44 from wagon.

    My 1951 Willys pickup has a very rough Timken rear axle and I'm buying a Dana 44 from a wagon to install... I know the hubs will be different... but I have new drums, shoes, cylinders, backing plates, etc already on my Timken axle... I think these are all the same... what do I need to change on...