dana 18

  1. Corker

    problems mating T-90 to Dana 18

    I got around to finishing the rebuild on my d18 transfer case, and was trying to get it mounted back on the transmission and I am running into a problem. They are both on the workbench and when I go to tighten the bolts to mate the two together, I have a really tough time getting the machined...
  2. nv3500 paired with a dana 18 ???

    what do i need to get the nv3500 on my 4.3 to pair with the dana 18 in my 54 wagon?
  3. surftahoe

    51 engine transfercase transmission

    I am looking for successful upgrades to powertrain in Willys Wagons, 4wd. My 51 is an incomplete project from the previous owner who dropped a 302 Ford with a Top Loader transmission and a Dana 20 transfer case. The engine is grossly under powered due to a blown or sticky valve and the linkage...
  4. 1961 Willys Pickup Warn overdrive conversion to Saturn/Warn overdrive~

    I would like to replace my existing warn overdrive. It is a Warn with an electric silenoid and a cable that ingages the unit. It was on my truck when I bought it 6 years ago. I want to go with new Saturn/Warn shift on the fly overdrive married to my Dana 18 T-case. From what I can see in the...