1. Clutch fan

    I have what appears to be a 283 SBC connected to a five speed. Even at only 2,500 RPM the engine make a terrific amount of wind noise, I'm assuming from the hard bolted cooling fan. I know a lot of folks like the bolted fan because you can always maintain cooling, even when crawling around on...
  2. 1961 Wagon clutch replacement, transmission seal, etc

    I'm sure nobody remembers, but I just bought 2 wagons. One is a 1958, and the other is a sweet 1961. Both have a small block 283. I'm only working on the '61 at the moment. There seems to be a transmission seal leak. Also there is a lot of grinding when shifting into gear and I smelled...
  3. Garth

    Clutch bell crank spring and parts

    Just cleaning up some parts and laying them out for assembly. I noticed when looking at my "modified" for right hand drive bell crank that I don't have the spring or assembly that goes inside the bell crank and is secured by a split pin aka cotter pin. Here is the Bell crank Here is a close...
  4. Garth

    Clutch linkage and assembly for RHD 226 Wagon

    I'm looking for pictures of the clutch linkage and assembly onto the bell housing for anyone with a RHD 226 with T90 and D18. I'm almost sure that mine snot correct but would appreciate it if someone could post some pics from different angles showing these parts installed on their Willys