1. Any advice on putting the engine back in place? Having issues with getting input shaft into pilot bushing.

    Hey folks. A bit of history: I'm working on a 1954 CJ3B and took the engine out to have it rebuilt. After the rebuild I installed a new pilot bushing and brand new clutch using a clutch alignment tool. Now the task at hand is dropping the engine back in, which I've found is much more involved...
  2. Keeping it in the family: Restoring Grandpa's 54' CJ3B

    Hello everyone, I'm Grayson and hail from the small town of Collettsville, North Carolina. I'm currently completing vet school at NC State University in Raleigh. I was inspired by a retired faculty member to restore an old SUV after he let me take his old Toyota Land Cruiser for a spin. I...
  3. CJ3B - Need Pics of Throttle & Choke Cable Bracket Parts

    So I'm having a tough time finding the bracket for the throttle and coke cables that comes off the carb. Not sure why this even missing on my carb. Wondering if anyone has some good pics so I can make my own bracket. I actually need to make two of them but the lower one is very simple. See...
  4. Bob3B

    2021 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering

    The 2021 Northern Ohio Flatfender gathering is taking place Sept 12, 2021 11 am-4 pm at my home in Green, Ohio. Jeeps of all stripes are welcome and encouraged to attend. As always lunch will be provided (donations accepted) and there is plenty of parking. After lunch we will be making Ice...
  5. pvrcr101

    1953 CJ3B save

    I recently found my CJ3B on Facebook while browsing posts from Willys owners. I noticed a guy who posted he was saving a 1953 from going to the scrap yard but was going to part it out because it was sitting outside for a very long time and was really rusted. I asked if he had a title and if he...
  6. gimbelsjeep

    Look what I found under a Geo Tracker

    I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Geo Tracker with Willys drivetrain. I was able to salvage some parts. The engine actually runs well.
  7. Bob3B

    2017 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering, Sept 10, 2017, 11-4

    Please join us for the 2017 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering being held at my home in Green, Ohio (Akron) September 10, 2017, 11 am-4 pm. Once again we will provide lunch and plenty of parking for Jeeps and Trailers! Come and enjoy talking to your fellow Jeep nuts, sit around the...