1. 2017 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering, Sept 10, 2017, 11-4

    Please join us for the 2017 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering being held at my home in Green, Ohio (Akron) September 10, 2017, 11 am-4 pm. Once again we will provide lunch and plenty of parking for Jeeps and Trailers! Come and enjoy talking to your fellow Jeep nuts, sit around the...
  2. Wheeee! New owner of V-35/U.

    It's a loud, rattle-y, squeaky mess with layers and layers of previous owners' paint jobs. I love it! Now to (slightly) un-death-trap it... hoping to find clues and help on the forum.
  3. 12 volt coil for CJ3A

    I'm working on a CJ3A (at least that's what I think it is -- ALL the numbers have been removed!). It had a MALLORY Voltmaster Mark II coil installed. The coil gets REAL hot when the engine is not running, so I removed it. Does anyone know anything about these coils, or does anyone have a 12 volt...