1. scottragee

    CJ-3A Build of "The Yellow Jeep" w Auto Shop Help

    This time has arrived to begin a build thread. First, the backstory posted in June when I joined the forum: "My father used to own a cattle ranch with two other partners in eastern Oregon for 30 years. In 1995 they sold it, and his CJ-2A, which had been his ranch/hunting jeep for 30 years...
  2. New guy from Washington!

    Hello All, Joining this forum for a friend who is looking to sell is CJ-2A! I'm not as knowledgeable on the Jeep front (more of a BMW 2002 guy) but this forum seemed like a great place to start. Any thoughts on where to best put his Jeep up for sale and what a fair price would be is greatly...
  3. Avis

    CJ-2A Wheeling !

    Did some wheeling in northern AZ earlier this week... Had a blast. Even did a little wheeling to get there... lol