1. 1957 Truck Frame up - Pirate Willy’s Build

    Time to leave the intro page and start a thread with my truck build. My intentions, at least right now, are to restore to original. But my eyes keep wandering to some of the modified masterpieces here on this forum and I cant help but dream that I’d like MY truck to look like that! But I’m a...
  2. Has anyone put a 57 Willys Wagon on a Grand Cherokee frame?

    I know the options for modifying the wagon are unlimited, and keeping it stock is always an option. But I have a 2000 GC and am about to get a 1999 GC, both with 4.0 six and in good working order. I see wheel base, wheel widths compare well. GC 105.9 long WW 104.5 long GC front axle...
  3. ARLEN

    1958 WAGON BUILD : start to finish

    Here is a pictorial of my 58 Wagon I built in the 90s. If you want to see more go to my profile and look at the album 1958 WILLYS WAGON.