chassis swap

  1. kapow101

    Chassis swap for 1961 Willy’s Wagon

    I know this is touched on often and I’ve read a lot of the chassis posts on here already but hoping to get more insight. We currently have a 1961 wagon that has the original frame and what we were told was a Volvo motor. After checking it out the motor looks to be a Jeep 4.0 motor (rough...
  2. Has anyone put a 57 Willys Wagon on a Grand Cherokee frame?

    I know the options for modifying the wagon are unlimited, and keeping it stock is always an option. But I have a 2000 GC and am about to get a 1999 GC, both with 4.0 six and in good working order. I see wheel base, wheel widths compare well. GC 105.9 long WW 104.5 long GC front axle...