1. Staying between the lines (lane keeping)

    The freeways up here in the NW are often rutted by trucks. Being a slower vehicle the truck (right) lane is normally where I should be. However I think because of the narrow wheelbase I find myself fighting to keep my 63 Wagon centered in lane. The wheels try to ride up the center hump or slide...
  2. Garth

    Greenhorn learns alignment

    I thought I understood alignment but as it turns out I understood parts of it. Heres an explanation that I found pretty good and helped me understand the complete setup. WHAT IS CAMBER, TOE, CASTER, AND OFFSET? Maintaining proper alignment is fundamental to preserving both your car’s safety...
  3. Wheel and axle gone at high speed

    Was going over the freeway bridge between Portland Or and Vancouver WA at about 65 miles per hour, when all of a sudden my 63 Wagon lurched and a stream of sparks higher than the roof streamed behind me. Managed to keep control, and get to the side. When I got out to look, my left rear tire...