1. KYJoe

    Help - Fuel Seep From Rebuilt W0 Carb

    I'm assuming this is due to excess fuel pressure somewhere but I can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated. This W0 was rebuilt by Joe Jennings earlier this year and has less than 50 miles on it. The fuel pump is new late last year. I drove the truck a little over two weeks ago; popped the...
  2. Will Toogood

    Manual Choke Conversion

    My 55 Truck with a 226 has a single barrel Rochester carb on it with an auto choke. There is a choke knob on the dash and a cable coming through the fire wall that is cut off. I kind of like a manual choke, does anyone know if there is a kit for the Rochester or do I need to change carbs? If...
  3. KYJoe

    Vacuum Timing?

    Was pulling my carb for a rebuild and wanted to ask you all for an explanation on what purpose this vacuum serves mounted underneath the distributor with a line going over to the front of the carb. Not sure what it is or what it does.
  4. Am I "over-carbed"?

    Hey guys, couple of questions on my '53 M38A1. I'm running an Edelbrock 650 on a Ford small block 302. My first question, am I over-carbed for that motor? I have a short exhaust run with headers and glasspacks. I'm getting deceleration pop, which sounds cool but I know isn't right. My...
  5. L-226 intake question

    I have the L-226 with a carter WCD 2 barrel carb. I want to change the oil bath filter to a regular air cleaner. Ill most likely just by a cone or round air cleaner. Does anyone know the diameter of the Carb throat by any chance? Sorry out of state right now and cannot measure the diameter.
  6. Different carbs 226

    Hi Is anybody running a different carb on a 226, How does it go My Carter was professionally rebuild last year and it seams to be starving for fuel It is not all the time, after driving for 40 minutes without a problem it started lurching and or cutting out I let it rest for a few minutes...