buick v 6

  1. will.henshall

    Looking for rebuilt/remanufactured Buick 231 V6 (1975/76) engine

    Hi! The engine in my 1956 Willys CJ5 is at the point where I need to swap it out. It's got all kinds of on going problems - oil pump not working, bottom crank worn, oil leak, lifters sticking, piston rings, etc etc, its been a journey of fix one thing and another thing breaks! It's obviously...
  2. h34gunner

    Buick V 6 Delimma

    I think my 3.8 Buick has a knock... at times it's muffled, some times not even noticeable and at times rather loud.. I was convinced it was simply spark knock or dirty gasoline.. I rebuilt the carb, rebuilt the distributor, set the timing every way possible.... the knock almost disappears when I...