1. Truck Bed

    Hey All. Trying to figure out another option for the truck bed. Does anyone have experience with a 1940s Chevy pickup box in lieu of the Willys? From what I have seen the Chevy kits are much cheaper than the Willys and I believe the dimensions are very close. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
  2. "New" 61 Pickup in Putnam NY

    Hi, My name is Rob, I am a special ed teacher and always wanted a cool classic car and always needed a pickup... So I got a 61 Pickup. The body is in pieces, but I am looking forward to rebuilding it and coming here for advice! Also, I am in Putnam County, NY, if anyone knows of a place...
  3. Mr. 360

    Building a Reproduction Bed on a Budget

    Quick back story, I bought a Willys pickup a couple years ago, and have been slowly plodding along working on it. My plan, given my limited space, is to tackle the truck in 3 sections; back half, cab, front clip. Each 'section' includes the body work, and frame, etc etc. Like most Canadian...
  4. wooden bed for pickup

    my 1959's bed has seen better days, and if i take it off to repair i could see the truck being bed less for a year or better i was looking around online for ideas on wooden beds so i could still enjoy the truck and i came across a guy that had made a bed for his 38 chevy truck I am a...