1. Pete

    6-226 Tune Up Chart- 6V

    Click the download button on the upper right to download this as a PDF.
  2. Pete

    6-226 Tune Up Chart- 12v

  3. NSain1

    1956 Super Hurricane 6-226 Turns over but won't start

    Hi - I have a 6-226 in a '56 Truck that I recently acquired. I installed a new battery but it still just turns over... Won't fire. Knowing it could be many things, I would appreciate any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting. Thank You.
  4. 61 Wagon coming back from comatose for 7 years

    Hey guys: Just to be plain about it; I bought a fully complete older rebuilt '61 wagon that wouldn't start (odd for a 6-226?), and am now into $1500 with a mechanic just to get her home! It starts and runs with lots of choke but still very low power (not enough to make it home, which includes a...